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Let me be honest with you from the very beginning. At the moment Jancy standard library is not exactly mature. If you try to use Jancy as a scripting engine in your own project, most likely you will soon need to write auxillary classes and functions to make up for missing functionality. Should this scare you and stop you from embedding Jancy? Absolutely NOT!

First of all, Jancy is the easiest-to-extend-with-c-or-c-plus-plus scripting language in the world. Being ABI compatible with C calling conventions was of paramount importance during the Jancy language design stage and now we reap the benefits of it. With Jancy you can simply write a C/C++ function, a data structure or a set of member methods in C/C++ and then directly access it from your script. Browse the sources of Jancy standard library and see for yourself.

Secondly, Jancy was created as a scripting language for the IO Ninja project, so its standard library already features a rich set of classes for preforming low-level IO: files, sockets, serial ports, SSH channels and so on. We even provide out of-the-box support for functionality often left for doing-it-yourself: pcap, windows named pipe servers, mailslots, serial port enumeration etc.

Finally, Jancy (including its standard library) is an open-source project hosted on GitHub at http://github.com/vovkos/jancy, so when you implement a class or a function missing in the standrard library, it’s easy to contribute it and save the future developers from repeating the same work.

Now let’s see what is already available…

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