Descriptor Matchers

Matchers of keypoint descriptors in OpenCV have wrappers with a common interface that enables you to easily switch between different algorithms solving the same problem. This section is devoted to matching descriptors that are represented as vectors in a multidimensional space. All objects that implement vector descriptor matchers inherit the DescriptorMatcher interface.

  • An example explaining keypoint matching can be found at opencv_source_code/samples/cpp/descriptor_extractor_matcher.cpp
    • An example on descriptor matching evaluation can be found at opencv_source_code/samples/cpp/detector_descriptor_matcher_evaluation.cpp
    • An example on one to many image matching can be found at opencv_source_code/samples/cpp/matching_to_many_images.cpp
// classes

class cv::BFMatcher;
class cv::DescriptorMatcher;
class cv::FlannBasedMatcher;