Image processing

Detailed Documentation

Global Functions

    InputArray src1,
    InputArray src2,
    InputArray weights1,
    InputArray weights2,
    OutputArray dst

Performs linear blending of two images:

\[\texttt{dst}(i,j) = \texttt{weights1}(i,j)*\texttt{src1}(i,j) + \texttt{weights2}(i,j)*\texttt{src2}(i,j)\]


src1 It has a type of CV_8UC(n) or CV_32FC(n), where n is a positive integer.
src2 It has the same type and size as src1.
weights1 It has a type of CV_32FC1 and the same size with src1.
weights2 It has a type of CV_32FC1 and the same size with src1.
dst It is created if it does not have the same size and type with src1.

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