Autoget Properties

In most cases a property getter is supposed to return a variable or field value, while all of the property logic is contained in the setter. Jancy takes care of this common case by providing autoget properties.

Such properties do not require a getter implementation: the compiler will access the data variable/field directly if possible, or automatically generate a getter to access it otherwise.

Simple syntax for declaring autoget property:

int autoget property g_simpleProp;

g_simpleProp.set(int x) {
    m_value = x; // name of compiler-generated field is 'm_value'

The same property declared using full syntax:

property g_prop {
    int autoget m_x; // 'autoget' field implicitly makes property 'autoget'

    set(int x) {
        m_x = x;

    // setters of autoget property can be overloaded

    set(double x) {
        m_x = (int)x;

Autoget and indexed property modifiers are mutually exclusive.